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"Even a small man can cast a large shadow" ~ Varys

Sharing Motorcycle journey's, Experiments, Emotions & My Life!


Photo by Trevor Cole on Unsplash

Though I was born two years before the Ramayan serial was aired in Doordarshan, I was neither RAM nor RAAVAN. I was a normal kid recognized as “average” in school and among friends; A boy fond of mother’s food, gaming and sports. Until seventh standard, I believed that I should 'kick-ass' of everyone bullying others, and I did it very well. Soon had some of them grown bigger than me, leaving me among the first row of less heighten individuals who were more interested in being safe than pretending they are superhuman.

I lived in an era where children played outdoor games that would change every season, where parents were not behind them with sticks and no one was competing for higher percentage and status dialogues. We would play cricket, gilli danda, laggori, football, kite flying, kancha ... and so goes our games, that starts after school and continues until evening. I had no tuition injections and no gadget addictions, I enjoyed life the way nature wanted humans to enjoy. I was among the few who saw computers evolving, internet growing and AI in talks and algorithms in books more than on computers. Pacman, prince of persia, hangman were then the popular games and floppy disks were standards for pro users.


Life for me is all about people around me and I like to listen. I get along with a very few people and some of them are my close friends.

"Sharing is caring" and I feel we should contribute for the betterment of others. Have no more mojo-dojo or hanky-panky stuff to keep you reading, let's start the journey.


My story starts with my sweet mother, 'the person I admire the most'. Born to her and inspired by her, I have tried to contribute whatever I can to the best of people around me.

Surrounded by a bunch of lovable people, I  have enjoyed my life with the up's and down's it has for me. Sharing joy and knowledge with others around me and trying to make an impact in the life of others in the best way possible.

The two people I respect the most in my life are both women; my mother and my wife. My mother for being the guidance and motivator of my life and my wife for being a life partner and supporter for me all along.

Photo by Pranav Studios, Mannar


Agasthya, my Kid

Agasthya turned 3 years this 20th of March. The celebrations for his first birthday were grand and entertaining. We wanted to invite some relatives and few neighbors for the celebrations who were not able to attend the function initially. We celebrated his third birthday with cake cutting followed by dinner for all.

Photo by Akshay Krishnan


Vloging - My riding knowledge

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